About us

Who We Are

MEE-MA’s FOODS, INC. is a California corporation owned by Carole Foster, creator of MEE-MA’s Louisiana GUMBO BRICKS and GUMBO BAGS. Ms. Foster recognized a gap in grocery store offerings, and the need for a fresh gumbo preparation that wasn’t a powdered product. In 2007 she set out to put her frozen gumbo base on the market, selling her wares to churchgoers, family, and friends. GUMBO BRICKS have been sold in Costco’s Southern California Region since 2010 (her very first retail customer!) and now in Albertsons Companies stores since 2014, following her successful pitch in 2013 on the popular TV investment show, Shark Tank. MEE-MA’s FOODS aims to increase its distribution channels to make its products available to the Shark Tank viewing audience, as her episode continues to be re-aired several times a year.

Our Mission

We consistently supply Gumbo Geeks throughout the world with premium quality products to make the most delicious gumbo they ever had. Truth is, good gumbo is really hard to find! The yummiest gumbo you can eat is the gumbo you make yourself JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT. MEE-MA’s® GUMBO BRICKS and GUMBO BAGS will get you from zero to gumbo greatness in less than an hour every single time!

 The Brand

MEE-MA’s® is a registered trademark owned by Carole Foster, creator of MEE-MA’s® GUMBO BRICKS. Since its launch in 2007, MEE-MA’s® has extended its product line to include ready-to-eat meals, cornbread mix, and other tasty Southern food fare. The name Mee-Ma is a term of endearment used for grandmothers in the South. Carole tweaked her grandmother’s recipe for gumbo, creating a commercially successful product, and now honors the memory of the yummy dishes that came out of her kitchen by using her “Mee-Ma’s” image in the brand’s logo. The brand stands for homemade flavor, comfort food, and the added value and convenience of quicker preparation of great meals for your family.

Quality Manufacturing




A.I. Foods Corporation, established in 1988, is a USDA-inspected meat and poultry food processing facility in Los Angeles, California. We produce our own proprietary brands, as well as copack products for select customers. We pride ourselves on producing high quality items at fair and consistent prices.

It all starts with gluten-free flour and oil…

…And it ends with DELICIOUSNESS!